The only way to acquire enterprise storage

Purchasing, hosting and managing an enterprise storage platform is costly and complex. Even with the most advanced capacity planning, predicting what you need and when you need it is a challenge and often results in large capital expenditure, just when you don’t need it.

Data is your most important asset so you need to ensure that it is protected and available. Choosing the right storage platform is critical to achieving this but once you have made the selection the most critical thing becomes your processes, people and their skills.

Proact’s Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a unique Private Cloud Service. It provides you with an on-premise storage platform charged as a service, the aim being to align IT spend with data consumption. You pay monthly per GB of storage used with the ability to scale up and down as your business needs change. Key features:

  • A cost per GB, monthly payment model - without being a lease or finance agreement
  • Proact own the asset, not you - so it is our problem to maintain and refresh it
  • Design, planning and implementation by Proact’s expert consultants
  • A choice of 24x7 service options from support to fully managed by Proact
  • You can flex up or down - matching changes in your business

Talk to us about how we can transform the way you acquire storage.

We also offer a range of flexible management options giving you the opportunity to have your storage fully managed 24x7 by the Proact ITIL based Service Desk.

Key Benefits


    Reduce the overall cost of storage both now and in the future


    Avoid capital budget spikes


    Scale the service up or down as your business demands change


    Improve service levels with enterprise class technology at a price point you can afford


    free up your valuable IT resources to focus on delivering new business projects


    Secure, available, flexible storage service


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