Bickhardy Bau

Proact transforms storage architecture with virtualisation solution.

An efficient transport infrastructure is a key when it comes to ensuring prosperous economic growth. Bickhardt Bau Aktiengesellschaft has been active in the traffic infrastructure field for 45 years, and thereby makes its contribution to the positive development of economic areas. With an annual construction output of more than €400 million and over 1,600 qualified employees, Bickhardt Bau is now the largest medium-sized construction company in Hesse.

“Proact kept precisely to our tight schedule, and the implementation took place very quickly and smoothly thanks to good project management and close cooperation. ”

Michael Wildner, Project Manager, Bickhardt Bau



The challenge: Deliver greater data and system availability with storage solution that would also stand up to the growth of the business, without causing an explosion of financial and administrative effort.

The solution:A VMware vSAN platform designed by Proact.

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